The foster dad refused to euthanize a puppy born without front legs and helps him to go against all odds

This pit bull with the name of Nubby has had no front legs since birth.

His mother didn’t let him down and accepted and took care of him, although she had a huge problem, she couldn’t feed him. The siblings always pushed him out, he stayed hungry.

Seeing the hardships the baby was going through, the vets suggested the owner euthanize him.

Lou and her husband named Mark, all their life helped abandoned and helpless animals, so they refused to give up on their puppy.

They were not scared to take care of him, even though it took effort and lots of time. They fed him from a bottle.


Nevertheless, everything was going quite well, the little one gained weight, started opening his eye, listening to the owners, recognizing them, and even tried to bark. But once he became one month old, the baby started to sneeze. The doctors said that he has problems with esophagus.

They prescribed a coupe of specific antibiotics and soon, placed him inthe incubator. Nubby was literally fighting for life, as well as his caring owners. Hence, in a couple of weeks, he was finally able to be back home again. Years have passed, Nubby became a cheerful and energetic doggie.

The couple also afforded a device with wheels for the dog which helps him to walk.

The family also opened a facebook page and constantly post pics of their unique and brave doggie. Hundreds of people follow the beautiful family!

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