Pregnant Chihuahua was thrown away because of her large belly, soon she becomes the star of the internet bringing eleven puppies to the world

In the US state of Kansas, the ownersof the chihuahua breed dog decided to give her to a shelter. The reason is pregnancy.


Not only is the birth of a chihuahua generally difficult, but a strange thing began to happen to the pet – the belly of the expectant mother grew to a huge size, making it look like a ball.

So the she endedup at a pet rescue shelter, where volunteers, seeing that she was about to give birth, hurried to find her a temporary shelter. Responsibility for the future mother and her puppies was taken by a kind woman named Josie Brown.

The dog – now called Lol – barely had time to cross the threshold of her house, when she went into labor. And by a funny coincidence – right on International Puppy Day!

Josie didn’t know what to prepare for and was a little worried. Soon, puppies began to appear – one after another. Usually, a Chihuahua has a maximum of five puppies, but Lol was not going to stop. Difficult childbirth exhausted both the young mother herself and the host family. After examining the puppies and arranging them for the night, Josie went to bed, and when she returned to them in the morning, a surprise awaited her again – at night Lol gave birth to the eleventh puppy!

Impressed by what happened, the owner of the shelter immediately got on the Internet to find out what the max amount oF puppieswas bor toa chihuahua. And it turned out that Lol could well claim her own page in the famous Book of Records – her predecessor had only 10 puppies in the brood. In honor of this discovery, number eleven got the name Guinness. Despite difficult births, all babies were healthy. Once they are a little older, the volunteers plan to find them a new home and loving owners.

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