A heroic dog saves a newborn who was buried by his own teenage mother
There are plenty of stories about incredible dogs who save lives. This one, with the name of Ping Pong, lives in Thailand. He rescued an infant who was
Rescued fox cub formed a special bond with her new dog friend they are now inseperable
Isn’t it wonderful to see a bon between 2 various species? Imagine the pure love and connection between a baby fox and a dog. This is an unusual
When fishermen releases the baby dolphin from traps the mother jumps from the water to express her gratitude to humans
These heartwarming photos illustrated the gratitude and appreciation of a dolphin mother when her baby was set free from the traps in the water.   It happened in
Woman finds a 55-pound injured dog and carries him on her shoulders for more then 6 hours to save his life
During hiking to the mountains, a woman with the name of Tia and her father met a wounded poor dog in the road. He was badly injured and
Woman adopting senior dog realizes it’s her chighood pet who was left at the shelter
Sometimes we can hear shocking stories like the ones that are in the books. A girl with the name of Nicole, who lives in Pennsylvania, was determined to
Kind and caring Golden Retriever rescued the life of a lost baby koala by keeping him warm
There are many stories about dogs who are very faithful, intelligent and caring creatures. They are always ready to assist everyone! Here is the Retriever with the name
Heartwrenching moment, the soldier reunites with his beloved friend whom he saved during the service in Iraq
During Iraq’s service, this man saved many lives. His name is Nick who is a member of the National Guard Army, and during his military service in Iraq,
A kind biker stopped traffic to save the scared kitten who was stuck in the road
When the small cat baby was appeared in the road, the cars were passing by only a starnger biker helped the frigthened kitten. It was on the roads
Adorable photos show the giant timber wolf playing with her favourite human
As we know, wolves are wild animals and can be dangerous to others, but also very beautiful and gorgeous. But this time, it’s not the case, as this
Kind couple seeing the dog with sad look decides to adopt him and make him happier
A stray dog named Benji was sent to an Animal shleter in Los Angeles. He had a very unsual sad look and didn’t like socializing and the workers