A Bengal tiger was rejected by his mother and soon got an inseperable best friend

Friendship has no boundaries.

This is a story of a Bengal tiger, with the name of Hunter, and a wonderful puppy with the name of Chelsea.

Although their friendship is way stranger, they get along very well and are now best friends.

They both have similar ages. Both of them are taken care of by a woman with the name of who lives in a reserve in South Africa. The little ones lived with her too.

Now as the cub is safe, he is happier than ever, although he went through hard times to get where he is now. After his mother, his mother was aggressive to him, and there was no choice but to separate him from the tigress.

The woman says that if not for the people, the little cub wouldn’t survive in wildlife.

Happy to say that even though he lost his mother, he found true friendship with the dog of the reserve center.

They love each other so much. Chelsea loves playing with Hunter, seems like it’s a funny fight without rules.

But their games won’t last long, As Hunter will soon be separated from Chelsea for the dog’s safety.

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