A blind homeless woman fall asleep in the mud, meanwhile stray dogs protected her peace

Everyone know that dogs are self-sacrificing and loyal animals.

Even many stray dogs who are actually in need of love and care can selflessly care and give love to others.

A person named Ake posted incredible pictures on social media. In the photos, you will see several street dogs who sit next to a homeless woman and protecting her peace

The passer-by saw this touching scene when riding along the river. He was not even sure the woman was alive or not, but he approached looked on closely, and thought that the woman was wounded or sick.

It turned out that the woman was blind and homeless. She fall asleep and got her protectors. So without hesitation, the moon took the woman and the dogs to a hospital and took care of them.

This story went viral and many people and a group of volunteers decided to help them to find shelters.

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