A Labrador retriever gave birth to 10 puppies which were black, yellow, and chocolate pups

Usually, the breed of Labradors is in black, yellow, and chocolate colors.

Although, it is rare for this kind of dog to give birth to puppies of every color. A Labrador called Zola had ten puppies and she had back fur.

These dogs can have babies with diverse colors not similar to them or their parents’ furs.

For example, babies with chocolate, back, and yellow colors can be born from a yellow mother and a yellow father. The owners dreamed of having a dog that will have genes that would allow the dog to have all the puppies in all three colors.

So Zola became such a dog.

The puppies’ colors were three chocolate, two yellow, and five black. But Zola will not have offspring as she already gave birth with cesarean section.

But luckily the owners finally could get puppies with unique genes.

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