A loving polar bear mom plays with her baby in the snow for the first time

Because a beautiful polar bear was born in a big zoo in Russia, it can be considered an extraordinary place.

They are the most amazing predators in wildlife, giving the world the progeny every 2 or 3 years.

In wintertime in, 2015, 2 beautiful bears named Gerda and Kai became even happier as their second baby was born. The little cub was born without hair and seemed so vulnerable. All the cubs at first stay in a den with the mother bear until they get stronger.

When it was already the end of winter, the cub finally opened his eyes and started to eat well and gain good weight. When he got a little older, his mother finally could get out from their den, and there it is, little cub and mommy bear could finally smell the fresh air.

The kid jubilated happily, feeling and loving the first snow in his life. Most exciting was the play with his mother.

Already in Spring, the guests of Novosibirsk zoo were allowed to personally meet and cherish the baby.

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