A pregnant woman saves a stray pregnant cat and they both give birth the same day

This woman named Lauren always helped stray animals to get treatment and find loving owners.

But once she got pregnant, she stopped volunteering work for a while.

But one time, she and her husband a wounded pregnant cat with the name of Dove. She was worried for the cat and quickly took her to the vet. Besides, according to her, she felt a unique connection as Dove was also pregnant.

The vets did the examination and gave some meds for her treatment. So the couples took the cat home.


Very soon, they loved each other, and these two future mothers started to spend lots of time together.

Their bond got even stronger. Evetualy, Lauren was sent to the hospital to give birth. And when she returned with her newborn baby she discovered that her friend Dove also gave offspring.

Soon, when kittens got strength, they were sent to caring families, and the mother Dove also moved to good hands. Hopefully, they visited each other and kept the beautiful bond.

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