A retired vet named Lincoln builds carts for disabled dogs and makes their life easier

An elderly vet with the name of Lincoln, for over sixty years, helped the disabled dogs to walk.

Even though he was already retired, he never stopped making new wheelchairs for the dogs. Not to mention that he loved animals since childhood.

It was maybe the start of city’s when he decided to build carts. One time, someone brought his dog to the clinic. The poor owner was so devastated to learn that his dog would never walk again. He had to put the dog to sleep. But here comes Lincoln with a good solution.

He suggested making a new wheelchair for the dog so he can walk again. Of course, that idea saved the dogs’ life. Even after being retired, he continues to save dogs’ lives.

Every time, whenever he helped any dog, whenever he built a useful cart, his heart filled with joy. Seeing the poor animals having the chance to walk again was very heart-touching.

According to him, the joy and happiness of these animals are the real reward for him. As a matter of fact, he saves lives and makes them happier!

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