A whimsy police horse from England refuses to get to work without a cup of hot sweet drink

This incredible officer doesn’t want to get up in the mornings for work if there is nothing for him to drink.


Obviously, this horse turned out to be very whimsy. And he only prefers well-prepared hot drinks to have a great start to the day.

His name is Jack, who is a police officer based in Liverpool, and for about fifteen years he will get up only for a cup of drink.

When Jack was only 5 years old, one time he was given a sweet tea, and since then, it became his daily habit.

Moreover, he needs his drink with skimmed milk, 2 spoons of sweet with a bit of cold water.

So now as a daily routine, staff of the Police Department starts their day with a tea party devoted to jack.

The members say that Jack is the best team member there, who is a very loving and caring one. All the members are aware of his preferences and characteristics.

If you just pass near him with a cup of drink, he will definitely come up and grab your cup.

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