Abandoned newborn foal finds comfort and love in a huge teddy bear, which later helps him to overcome stress and fear

A rescued foal who was left by his mother got attached to a teddy bear and found comfort in it.

His name is Breeze and he got rejected by his mom right after his birth.

Later on, the poor baby was discovered by a local farmer who informed the Foal Sanctuary about the baby in need. At first, he was stressed out and scared of everyone.

But in a very short time, the pony found happiness in something unusual. Turned out it was just a simple te3ddy bear, which gave comfort to the baby.

Everyone was rejoiced seeing Breeze calming down due to the bear. He loved the comfy and soft toy a lot as if it was a real living creature.

The bear was his companion when the sanctuary was closed, maybe because the bear reminded him of a human baby and he felt comfortable next to him.

And of course, this had a huge impact on baby foals. Eventually, Breeze got better. Now he is not afraid of anything. He can go out, play with others, and always keeps his head up!

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