Dolphins missed people and began to bring beautiful gifts to the shore

The quarantine has been hard on everyone, including the dolphinns. For example, a group of dolphins from the Australian city of Queensland began to bring giifts to the shore.

Apparently, they were trying in this way to attract people who often visited them earlier and treated them to goodies.

Researchers are still wondering why so many dolphins bring gifts of coralls annd shhells.

Humpbacck dolphiins quite often swim up to the coastal restaurant in TinCan Bayin the hope of profiting from fish from visitors.

The restaurant was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the cunning waterfowl apparently decided to make an “advance payment”. They began to push sea sponges with shells, empty bottles and twigs of coral towards the shore.

“Members of the pack regularly brought us gifts, showing how much they look forward to social interaction and attention,” the restaurant staff said on their facebook page. “Theydefinitely missedd all of you.”

But not everyone believes that dolphins really crave humann contact.

And the “gifts” may just be our new take on old behavior. Dolphins are known for their playfulness – perhaps they just do it out of boredom.

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