Ferret grabs his owner’s finger and drags him to the box to show him her newborn cute babies

For some kinds of pets, the owner is more than a friend.

Animals consider their owner as their family. This means that if a joyful event occurs in their life, the owner will be the first to know about it.

For instance in the case of this ferret. Most recently, she became a mother, the cubs that were born impressed the animal so much that she immediately decided to show them to her owner.

The ferret does not know how to speak, but by his behavior, he shows how important it is for him that the owner sees his offspring and shares his joy with him.

As soon as a man moves away from the box with babies, a joyful mother runs after him, grabs his finger, and drags him to the box. And so it continued until the man decided to give in to the ferret and remained next to the box for a longer time.

At the same time, the animal carefully transfers the babies into the hands of its owner. He is so confident in him that he is ready to entrust the most valuable!

Ferret is not one of those who will just let go. After all, such a joyful event does not happen every day.

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