Gisele Bundchen shows off her model body in tight leggings and a sleeveless top with a brа

Gisele Bundchen shows off her model body in tight leggings and a sleeveless top with a brа

On Tuesday, Gisele Bundchen went for a leisurely stroll with her dog in Miami, flaunting her toned body.

The 43-year-old supermodel, who was born in Brazil, was spotted taking a stroll in the warm Florida sunshine as she got some fresh air. Over the weekend, she spent time with her two kids at a park.

The attractive woman wore a sleeveless, white T-shirt that showed off her toned arms and a pair of fitted leggings that were dark blue in color.

To keep cozy for the excursion, she slipped into a pair of laces-fastened sneakers.

The actress wore her long hair simply pulled back into a low ponytail, with a gray cap added to the top of her head to partially conceal it.

For the weekday outing, Gisele went with simple accessories. She accessorized with a pair of black shades for a chic touch and a delicate bracelet on her left wrist.

During her stroll, the Vogue model was observed staring at her phone and listening to music through earphones.

In a peaceful neighborhood in the city, the beauty kept her big dog close by while leading the furry friend on a leash.

In a September interview, Bundchen talked candidly about moving to Miami with her two kids, 10-year-old Vivian and 13-year-old Benjamin, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Tom Brady.

“I adore the sun.” I always feel the happiest wherever the sun is,’ she told the outlet.

Simply enjoying the sun, swimming in the sea, playing in the sand, and feeling the grass beneath my feet. You feel energized just by being in nature. It merely elevates your mood.

The celebrity’s kids were with her on Saturday during the weekend as they enjoyed hanging out in the park with their dog.

When asked how her children had adapted to living in a different state, she said, “They’re making friends at school.”

They enjoy it. It’s all brand-new. However, they seem to be enjoying it a lot and are becoming invested in it.

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