Hailey Bieber flaunts her bսtt in a skimpy thoոg, showing off her model physique

Hailey Bieber flaunts her bսtt in a skimpy thoոg, showing off her model physique

Fans of Hailey Bieber were treated to a fresh batch of seductive images as she advertised a Rhode drop with a birthday theme coming up.

Last month, the model and entrepreneur, 26, commemorated Kim Kardashian’s birthday. She hinted at a ‘limited edition peptide lip tint with shimmer and tint’ on social media by posing in pink.

The celebrity showed off her perky bum in a pair of hot pink underwear while stretching out on a bubblegum pink prop designed to resemble a jelly bean.

“Hailey’s birthday is almost here so we created something extra special introducing our first limited edition peptide lip tint with shimmer and tint, in a sweet jelly bean flavor,” the company’s Instagram caption said.

Hailey also shared a post on her personal Instagram page promoting the upcoming launch.

To her 50.7 million followers, she wrote, “Step into nostalgia” as the caption for the photo.

“To celebrate my birthday, we are launching our first limited edition Peptide Lip Tint on November 22 at 9 a.m. PT.” A hint of baby pink, glitter, and a delicious smell like jelly beans.

The frequent runway participant then encouraged her followers to “join the waitlist now at rhodeskin.com.”

In one picture, the socialite was seen teasing her stomach while wearing long-sleeved pale pink shirt and pink satin shorts.

She was holding a small tube of her new product above her head.

Wearing her favorite diamond-encrusted ‘B’ necklace, Hailey looked radiant with pink cosmetics.

The bombshell was seen in another photo shoot outtake wearing a pink ballerina bodysuit.

‘Please I beg for you to have a big stock of this cause I don’t think I can handle another sell out product within 4 minutes,’ an enthusiastic fan wrote in Rhode’s comment section.

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