How cute! Three-year-old baby sang a lullaby for horses

You can’t be too small to be a Horse Whisperer!

Kelly Thomas was working quietly on her family farm in Australia when her 3-year-old daughter Mayf climbed up a pole and began to sing. Lucky for us, Kelly was able to capture this adorable moment on video, and now it makes people around the world smile.

Gentle giants seem to feel completely at ease around a human baby.

The bay horse pressed its huge head against the girl and seemed to doze off under Mayf’s caresses in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Kelly later revealed that Mayf is an ordinary country girl who loves to have animals around.

On a quiet winter day (in Australia, winter comes in June), the horses came to explore and completely melted to the sound of a gentle song. It is so nice to see the first steps of the girl in the future career of the steppe lady of the horses!

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