How to understand that your cat is crazy about you?

Agree, it would be really wonderful if we could read the thoughts of our pets.

Of course, this is impossible, but there are some tips that can help us understand what our pets want or need.

If you just opened the door, and the cat is already flying towards you, making cheerful sounds, and begins to flicker under your feet without stopping. This means that he missed you very much, and he does not want to stay alone again.

If you can’t even take a step without tripping over a fluffy household. If you have just sat down in a comfortable chair, and the animal is right there – on your lap or over your head. This also means that he needs your affection and attention.

No matter how charming and fashionable the bedding is, the cat will be very happy to curl up on your sweater or jeans that you did not have time to put away in the closet. And this is understandable because the smell of the owner is the best smell that soothes and gives a feeling of security.

Have you noticed how unhappy the cat is that the bedroom door is closed? And all because even at night the animal wants to be sure that you are nearby. This is so cute.

And what about the kiss?

If the cat began to lick your hand or cheek, then he considers you his chosen one. But be prepared that for the joy he may well bite you.

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