Just breathe! Firefighters bring dog to life after blaze

The chances of saving the pet were extremely low. But people couldn’t just let her go.

When a fire broke out in the house where the one-yearold Cane, Bella lived, the dog was trapped. She managed to warn her family about the danger in time with a loud bark, but she herself did not have time to run out into the street.

The pet was found by firefighters from the Hanover County New York Division. Bella lay under the piano in the front room of the house and showed no signs of life. Despite the low chances of rescuing her, firefighter Brady Kromer hurried to get the dog to safety and began resuscitation.

A specialist from another site also joined the rescue, who happened to be nearby with his wife. The couple love dogs very much and constantly help homeless animals find a new home. Looking at Bella’s lifeless body, the couple did not want to give up and tried again and again to bring her back to life.

Bella is now recovering from her experience at the veterinary clinic. She’s on oxygen and needs some time torecover fro the carbon monoxide-poisoning and near-death experience, but she will definitely live.

Bella got a second chance thanks to a few kind people who didn’t want to give up that day.

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