Kim Kardashian refuses all stylists and now only for naturalness. here is the result

Kim Kardashian refuses all stylists and now only for naturalness. here is the result

Recently, Kim Kardashian has been embracing her natural look. After years of bleaching, dying, and wearing hair extensions, Kim shocked fans with her thin hair.

The founder of SKIMS was spotted exercising on a treadmill with her sister Khloe Kardashian in the most recent episode of The Kardashians, during which Khloe made fun of her for being “hungover”.

Khloe was displeased with her sister for leaving her out of a wild trip to see Usher in Las Vegas.

When Kim debuted her shorter, thinner hair and more youthful appearance in the video, she looked completely different. Her hair was significantly shorter than how she usually wears it, and it appeared slightly damaged.

Khloe revealed in a confessional: “It hurt so much that she went to Usher. Kim is retaliating with this. The next time, consider this; she needs to work out and is hungover.

While the sisters were exercising on a treadmill, Khloe inquired of Kim, “So, how was Vegas?” “Oh my God, it was so much fun, we got like a limo,” Kim retorted.

“So you’re just glossing over that you forgot about me?” a sour Khloe interjected. “You’re just such a planner; you need like a week in advance,” Kim retorted. Life can be like this at times.

“Kimberly, you told me 30 minutes, or you were already on the plane, I think,” Khloe said.

“The group chat was going crazy,” Kim continued. We were saying in the group chat, “Usher is our thing.”

Kim has been flaunting her natural appearance lately, and her daughter North West recorded her mother after she got out of the shower and shared the video on TikTok.

Several fans made remarks about how, after numerous color and length modifications over the years, it appeared somewhat damaged. “Kimberly’s hair must be tired because of the bleaching,” someone remarked.

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