Kylie Jenner looks very feminine in a braless tank top as she makes big news

Kylie Jenner looks very feminine in a braless tank top as she makes big news

In an announcement for her Black Friday sale, Kylie Jenner posted a number of seductive photos to Instagram on Wednesday.

Customers can get an amazing 40 percent off plus a free gift with purchase when they shop for her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

The 26-year-old resident of Hidden Hills, California, looked voluptuous in a tight white tank top.

The mother-of-two was having her makeup artist apply lip gloss when a man inserted a device into her head. She looked at the camera, her long jet black hair blown down over her bare shoulders.

She was seen lying on her white bedsheets in another picture wearing a black bra. She also wore bronze-colored makeup and a plunging gold gown.

“kyliecosmetics” She captioned the photo, “Black Friday Sale starts now with 40% off sitewide at,” and Paris Hilton liked it.

Khy, the fashion designer’s new clothing line, made its debut recently.

The former cast member of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed her latest fashion endeavor on Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a stunning photo with the caption, “Meet khy.”

When Jenner began going to the gym every day last year, she toned up.

“Kylie is more determined than ever to get toned for summer,” an insider told E!. She is a health and fitness enthusiast. She wants to keep up her summertime tone and figure.

According to the source, she exercises outside in addition to in her home gym and with a personal trainer.

She likes working out outside because it’s more pleasant to be in the great outdoors and less distracting.

“She will hike in the area or take long walks on the trails by her house with Stormi.”

Her pancakes from the morning are gone. While keeping an eye on her diet at home, Kylee hasn’t been putting any restrictions on herself.

She eats whatever she wants when she goes out with friends. Recently, she has been extremely motivated and is enjoying the endorphins.

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