Master of disguise: the cat hid on the Christmas tree so that no one can find it

There is no greater happiness for cats than playing with a Christmas tree. When the owners of a one-year-old Briton named Luna installed a tree in the house, the kitty was beside herself with happiness and immediately appreciated the beauty of the festive decor.

But unlike most pets, who will not calm down until they fill up the Christmas tree or eat all the “rain”, Luna was not going to be naughty. She simply found a comfortable spot on one of the branches and hid, looking with interest at her mistress, Sarah Nelson McGuinness, who was knocked off her feet, looking for her favorite.

The fact is that the spruce in the house is not alive, but artificial, with silver needles. For decoration, the owners chose white and pale blue decor, and in addition to balls and garlands, they hung a lot of soft toys on the tree. The moon with its snow-white coat simply merged with the background, which greatly complicated the search. Sarah carefully examined the tree, but saw only white deer and foxes. And her pet at that time quietly watched her (and perhaps gloated a little – cats, they are like that!)

With great difficulty, Sarah managed to find two brilliant eyes among the silvery branches. Fascinated by the art of disguising her pet, the woman posted a photo with the Moon onsocial networkss, invitingusers to “break their brains” and look for the cat in the tree themselves. The task was not an easy one. Some subscribers said that they were looking for the animal for at least 10 minutes, while others admitted that they could not find it and asked Sarah for help.

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