Mission “Rescue”: people raised money to help a dog with paw pathology

Sandy the dog was born with a severe paw deformity that prevented him from walking normally. Even standing upright was an insurmountable task for him. Sandy’s owner failed to take care of a special dog and threw the dog out of the house.

So the poor man ended up on the streets of Corfu, where he wandered until he was accidentally noticed by volunteers from an animal shelter.

From them, Pat Clark, an employee of the British non-profit organization Mutts in Distress, learned about the plight of the dog, who decided to transport Sandy to England for a unique operation to eliminate the curvature of the paws. Such a trip cost a lot of money, which the shelter, which exists at the expense of philanthropists, did not have.


But Pat believed that there were many caring people in the world who were moved by Sandy’s story as much as she was. She talked about the dog on social media, and soon the necessary funds were raised. After all the formalities were settled, Pat transported Sandy from Greece to England – straight to the Cambridge Beehive Companion Care veterinary center, whose doctors agreed to perform a £5,000 operation on the dog for free!

First of all, the dog had an X-ray, which showed that there was hope for a better life for Sandy. A long journey and a long examination tired him so much that he fell asleep right in the X-ray machine.


A month later, a team of doctors performed operations, they managed to move the deformed bones into the correct position. “A few months ago there was no hope that the dog would be able to walk and see normally,” Pat wrote on her social media page. “No one knew what his name was, or even that he even existed. And now he is happy and healthy – enjoying a new life thanks to caring people with a good heart.

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