A caring American Akita sensed that something is wrong with her pregnant human
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A huge gorilla became friends with little primate. They are now inseperable
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The Flamingo baby is trying so hard to be an adult
Children usually strive to grow faster to become an adult. This flamingo who is still a baby is also a dreamer. He puts effort to become an adult.
A kind-hearted woman rescues a pit bull who later can’t stop hugging her
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A woman encouraged her neighbor to adopt a rescued dog and that same dog later saved her life
This time here is a story about a groomer for dogs who heard about a pet called, Roux, who had to find a family and a caring family.
An Australian hero, devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroos in his homeland
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Brave dog risks his life to save four little kittens from fire
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The girl saw her dog in the sky a couple of hours after her pet’s death
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