Puppy pulls drowning friend out of water even though he hates swimming

The bulldog Luna had been living in the house for many years when Caipirinha arrived. A young shepherd with ridiculously protruding ears instantly became the favorite of the whole family.

Surprisingly, the older dog not only did not become jealous of the new one, but accepted her literally as a sister. Girlfriends slept together, ran and played together on the lawn of their big house. It seems that thanks to Caipirinya, Luna felt young again.

But age, of course, made itself felt. Vision became blurred, the paws did not obey very well and quickly got tired – but neither Luna nor her younger friend was embarrassed. The only place the dogs avoided in their games was the pool. The shepherd did not like to swim, and the moon was not very good at it.

What was the surprise of the owners when one fine day an elderly bulldog came into the house, with which water literally flowed in streams. The dog seemed so tired that it didn’t even have the strength to shake itself off. She dragged herself to the couch, climbed on it and froze. The owners became even more worried when Caipirinha ran in after them and settled down next to them.

The bulldog fell into the pool – either blindly, or let down his paws. Maybe the old dog just overestimated his strength? But the moon was in the water at the deepest point of the pool. She poked her paws into the sides, unable to get out and swam from wall to wall, losing strength. She might have drowned if not for Kaiparilla’s decisive action.

The young rescuer first waited for her friend to swim to the edge of the pool, and tried to pull her out by the collar. But the water was too deep, the moon had nothing to rely on, and Kaiparilla could not cope.

However, the shepherd did not give up and pulled – and finally pulled Luna on board, after which she was able to stand up. How much intelligence and courage!

The woman decided to fence the pool so that a similar story would not happen again.

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