Spears deleted her bսtt video after fans were unhappy with her over-the-top boldness

Spears deleted her bսtt video after fans were unhappy with her over-the-top boldness

A video of Britney Spears’ posterior in a thong bikini that she posted online while lounging on a yacht has been removed.

The pop princess also accused Los Angeles actors of “bullying” her following the publication of her shocking memoir, The Woman in Me.

Britney poses for the camera in the video while donning a white bikini with a print and large sunglasses.

The actress grinned for the camera on the yacht and looked amazing. She extended her hand to the camera, holding a cool beverage.

The video then cut to the Toxic singer sunbathing on her front and flaunting her toned butt. She said in the caption that she was being “tormented” and “bullied” by actors in Los Angeles.

“I conducted research on bullying and mistreatment of children in schools,” the writer wrote.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way because I wear my heart on my sleeve. nevertheless, I am aware of what it’s like to be utterly humiliated, tortured, and bullied.”

The bullies, Britney continued, typically become actors and actresses who “put shivers” up her spine.

“The majority of them reside in Los Angeles and are referred to as actors and actresses,” she wrote. Sadly, I’ve never been very good at acting, but you can be sure I can recognize a good actor from a distance!

“The individual who created [emotional upheaval] was able to get away with it and never even displayed any regret at all! I’ll just state this:

I live in a lovely house in Los Angeles, but I’ve always been afraid of the people there.

“PS yesterday with the sailors,” she wrote to wrap up the post. Britney has been struggling with the response to her book, The Woman In Me, which she published.

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