Super extraordinary story about a real dog who lives in a cat’s body

People who keep a cat and a dog in their house at the same time know very well that it is a subject of constant wars and fights.

In addition, these animals have a completely different life position.

In other words, by getting a cat and a dog at the same time, you are taking a huge risk.

An exception is possible only if the kitten and puppy have lived since childhood and perceived each other as childhood friends.

And that doesn’t always happen. But there are exceptions. So, one family from Japan managed to get a cat in a house where three dogs already lived.

So, they had three dogs, but they were looking for a gray cat, preferably a British one. That’s how Kiki was found.

Surprisingly, the female cat fits into the dog ranks and feels equal among her comrades.

She shared their games and hobbies, they sleep and walk at the same time.

This girl feels like a dog and does not even bother her owners in the morning, as other cats like to do.

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