The caring owl mistook the egg for her own and became a mother for a lost duck

A photographer with the name of Laurie from Florida saw an owl who was in her backyard.

It is worth mentioning that this woman loves birds, and she arranged a place for birds nesting. The hero of the story, an owl occupied the place. That probably means that she will nurse baby owls right?

After checking on the nest, she found out a furry lump, but it was not an owl baby rather a little duck. All this time, the mother owl protected and warmed a little duck. Laurie was worried that the owl could eat the baby, so she checked with the professional, It was confirmed.

The staff members of the reserve center agreed to take care of the duck. But they couldn’t catch the baby as he ran to the closest lake.

But time has passed and the duck was back calling for his parents. It was strange, how could the baby appear in the nest of an adult owl?

Laurie knew that some time ago the owl attacked a group of ducks, so it seems to her that at that time the baby happened to be in the nest.

Perhaps, this is why they got together.

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