The chain did not allow the dog to get out from under the rubble of the house destroyed by the hurricane

This dog was confined. She spent about 3 days without water and before, and then the rescuers found her.

Now she is happier than ever, a couple of weeks ago she was in a terrible situation. He was lying under the barn, she couldn’t move, ask for any help.

But luckily, she was soon noticed by the neighbor who saw the exhausted dog.

So he immediately called the emergency.

But how come the poor doge happened to be trapped? Perhaps, that was the Ida Hurricane. Once the rescuers arrived, they started to act quickly to save the helpless dog who was under the heavy barn.

Turned out she was chained to the barn that’s why she didn’t even try to get out, as it was worthless. She behaved herself well and let the workers do their part of the job and save her.

And finally, she was free from the chains!

She smiled cheerfully, twisted her tail, and seemed very grateful toward the rescuers.

Soon, she was sent to the shelter in Louisiana, where the staff could take care of her.

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