The dog with the malignant tumor was supposed to be euthanized, but the kind-hearted woman adopted him and forced him to live

A woman is walking through the streets of Tampa when she notices an emaciated dog looking out of the window in front of her.

This scene disturbs the woman as much that she immediately calls the animal rescue center and reports what she saw. The staff and volunteers of the center immediately visit that address and find not one, but three abandoned and overweight dogs.
The dogs had been without food for so long that they became a canine skeletons. Two of the animals died a few days later, and one of them was struggling to survive.

When the animal was taken to a veterinarian, the vet said that the dog was already 9 years old and had many sores. The poor animal was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, a large tumor on the front of the paw.
The doctors decided to euthanize the animal so that it would not suffer anymore.
The woman who found the dog also wrote about it on social networks, and a kind and generous woman decided to adopt him and treat him.

Fortunately, the animal slowly began to eat, and after the operation, the tumor on its leg was removed, but it turned out that the tumor was malignant. The woman is now doing her best to make the dog live happily and carefree for the rest of her life.

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