The girl took the kitten to her home just for a day, but something unexpected has happened

You have probably heard stories about the incredible and interesting friendship between a cat and a dog many times. It seems that they can not become close and inseparable friends.

But the time and the stories told by different users speak about something else.

Hairdresser Jane was at work when one of her clients brought a kitten to the salon andasked Janee totake careof it. The client was allergic to cat hair and found the cat lying helpless on the street. Jane did not want to take the cat home because she already had one pet in the house and she thought her dog would be jealous of the new pet.

The girl posted an announcement on social networks to find owners for the cat. But no one was interested in the small and defenseless child. So he had to take the animal to his house, thinking that it would last only one day, and the next day he would find owners for it. But the unbelievable happened.

The cat and the dog became so close that Jane simply could not separate them. The kitten was also loved by the girl’s family members. Therefore, Jane had no choice but to adopt the animal.

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