The guy stole a dog that looks like a skeleton. But don’t be so quick to judge…

About two weeks ago, one of the users of the Reddit portal with the nickname nofx-linoleum openly confessed to the crime – he had to steal the dog from the owners. The author of the post said that he lives in the Caribbean, where the fences are usually made of chain-link mesh.

And through one of them, he noticed an emaciated dog on a short leash, lying in the mud. The spectacle amazed the author, and he got out of the car to take a closer look at the animal.

The dog turned out to be very thin – every bone was visible under the thin skin. When she saw the man, she only wagged her tail weakly. Then the author began to call the owners, but no one answered him – the house was empty.

Just then, a passer-by who looked like a Rastaman approached him. The man also noticed how terrible the dog looked, and suggested that the author of the post climb over the fence and pick up the dog. Without thinking twice, our hero did just that.

Sunny – as the man called the rescued animal – he took home. The dog was starving for so long that she could not stand on her feet due to exhaustion and dehydration. But two months of love and care did a miracle – Sunny gained weight and turned into a cute plump.

After the coronavirus epidemic ends, the man plans to find her a permanent home and loving owners. In the meantime, Sunny peacefully chews on the bones and looks gratefully at her savior.

The man does not regret what he did. For work, he often has to drive past the house where Sunny lived, but he never stops. The author urges people not to buy pets from breeders, but to pick them up on the street – after all, there are many dogs and cats living there, worthy of our love and attention.

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