The man was about to travel the world alone, but a furry friend changed his plans

Three years ago a man named Dean from Scotland, decided to travel the world.

He prepared his bike and began his trip. Soon, he managed to travel eight countries southward.

It is worth mentioning that during his trip to Montenegro, his plans drastically changed.

On the road, he heard someone who meowed, when he turned back, it was a beautiful cat. He found him so cute and charming, he just bowed down to pet him, but obviously, the little had totally different plans regarding him.

Dean realise that the little one was abandoned and that he needed to be fed.

Without hesitation, Dean took Nala to a vet clinic, once he was ensured that everything was okay, Dean decided to spend his trip with a good companion.

She enjoyed every road with his new friend. Seemed like, she really loved traveling!

One day they bot caught a cold, and Nela got sick.

So he understood that sometimes he really needs to care about his furry friend. On cold days, they stayed in the hotels. But overall, everything was perfect!

They enjoyed their time together.

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