The melancholic dog reunites with its owner after three years of being lost

A dog named Roscoe happened to be in an orphanage in Washington when he was still a puppy. But the workers tried to make contact with the dog to make him socialize and be friendly but in vain.

It was obvious that something happened with his family and he got sad, but what was the reason? So the staff shared his photo on social media with the hope to find the owners. And sometime later, a farmer got in touch with them.

According to him, his dog had been lost for three years and his pic on the site looked like his lost dog. So the man immediately went to see that dog.

Soon, everyone witnessed a very touching moment when the owner finally reunites with his dog who used to be very sad before the meeting.

The thing is, it was a full transformation of a melancholic dog to a rejoiced one!

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