The oldest cat in the sheltercelebrates his 19th birthday without having a clue what will happen next

The story of this elderly cat could have ended badly if not for the empathy and kindness of these people.

This cat is about nineteen years old, and he once had a caring and loving family but now no one wants to take care of him. He was moved to a local orphanage, many cats there had similar fates.

These cats usually live around sixteen years, but this cat named Sammy was lucky to be the oldest cat among all of them.

In June Sammy turned nineteen, and the staff of the center arranged a beautiful and memorable birthday for the poor orphaned cat. Soon, the story together with pictures got viral all over the internet. In addition, they wrote a note that the cat’s only dream is to have a loving family and home.

The very next day, new owners came for him. Everyone was rejoiced by the news, they even posted it on social media.


The staff stated that Sammy was a very gentle and friendly cat, he liked to cuddle everyone! They hope that they can be able to arrange his next birthday party as he will turn 20!

They wish good health to beautiful Sammy.

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