The seal spent all day with his toy version

The animals always gift us their attention, protection, loyalty, love, and time. And what do we give them as a present in return?

Seals are wildly spread in those places of Japan, where animals are kept.

The zoo staff from the land of Mombetsu gave a special gift to one of the zoo members. They decided to give the toy version of the seal to him. No one thought he would like the present that much. The zoo employees called that toy “mini-me”. They made the animal the happiest and luckiest one among his breed.

This animal liked the adorable mini seal toy. He always kept it, played with it, hugged it, squeezed it to his heart. These two similar creations, one- real and another- made from a cloth type, became inseparable friends and spent all the day together.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who initiated and donated this unique gift. By doing so, they made one more animal happy and cheerful.

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