The “steel” girl or person who does not feel any pain

Thus. That unique girl is 12-year-old Olivia François. Olivia lives in Huddersfield, UK. She is a unique child, և she is the only person in the world who does not feel any pain, does not feel hungry for days, never gets tired. But the sad thing is that according to scientists, this is an exceptional genetic disease, not just a gift.

Olivia’s mother, 37-year-old Nikki Trepak, is a mother of 5 children. He mentions that out of his 5 children, only Olivia has a bunch of these genetic diseases.

Nicky, recalling her unique baby’s childhood, says that since she was 9 months old, Olivia no longer wanted to sleep during the day. Day by day she avoided sleeping so much that eventually it turned into a round-the-clock insomnia.

Nikki says that once, when the girl was 7 years old, they were walking, և a car hit Olivia very hard, throwing the child a few meters away. Olivia stopped a few seconds later, cleaned her clothes and looked at the people gathered around her in surprise. She asked his mother why the people gathered around him were looking at her in fear.

The ambulance brigade took the child to the hospital, where a multidisciplinary group of doctors, examining Olivia, recorded that the child had only injured his big toe, had a few scratches, but did not even feel it. To their surprise, the doctors said that their baby had no fractures or serious injuries, as his muscles were not tense when he felt no pain when he hitthecar.

Olivia motheralso tells how hard Olivia once bit her lip, as a result of which they had to have plastic surgery.

It is noteworthy that Olivia’s family members are around 24 hours a day so that Olivia does not hurt herself without feeling any pain, and they do it with great love and compassion. Nick smiles and mentions that his Olivia is a “steel” girl.

Olivia’s family took her to the best psychologists and psychiatrists in Great Britain, but they said they could not do anything about it, as this is a unique case in the history of medicine, against which they are powerless.

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