The woman can’t decide which dog to rescue from the worst shelter so she takes all of them

A woman named Daniel Eden was always felt strong empathy toward stray animals.

She herself was a founder of a well-built sanctuary for dogs who lived in horrible places and were mistreated.

This is why she was also very attentive and strict toward other shelters. So she usually visited some of them to estimate for herself. But she would never imagine that this shelter will shock her so much. Once, she visited an Israel-based shelter. She commented that it was the worst shelter she had ever been to.

Over 250 stray animals were settled in a place that was supposed to give shelter to only seventy dogs. Rats scurried about. For every piece

Not to mention the dead rats that were mixed with the ones who were still alive. And all the dogs there were just surviving with the horrible conditions.

Eden was confused and worried, she didn’t know who to choose to save. All of them were needed to be saved immediately.

So without any hesitation, she bought all of them. She became the hero of the saved dog. Eve4ntually, some groups of animals were sheltered in other places in Israel, where conditions were quite well compared to the previous one. Others were sent to Ontario’s shelters.

Thanks to Eden, many people were aware of the horrible place animal were living.

These animals are now safe and can finally trust people.

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