This dog knew 1000 words and was able to learn and distinguish new object names

Spartanburg, which is a city in South Carolina is now one of the well-known cuties due to its four-legged inhabitants.

A 9-year-old dog with the name of Chaser knows more than a thousand words by heart. What’s more, he can differentiate verbs, hypotheses.

She improved her vocabulary even more and could have a logical mentality, although it was believed that it was only possible in dolphins or apes.

All of this came from a psychological College Wofford located in Spartanburg. A man named John retired and started working with animals.

The success didn’t come quick. She became famous long ago due to an article in Behavioral Processes journal. Chases learned how to put objects in categories and learn their names one by one.

According to the profession, the dog never got tired and worked really hard because she also loved learning. Sometimes they could practice more than five hours a day.

Unfortunately, in 2019 she passed away after her owner died. Anyway, no one forgets about her skills and incredible capabilities.

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