10 years of friendship between the Lion and his rescuer

Friendship is an affectionate and caring bond formed between people who are ready to be together in hard and good times.

You may probably listen to the phrase “who finds a friend, finds a treasure”, because our friends are our saviors and advisers. Friends come into our lives to make us feel better and stressless, they help us get stronger and more confident.

Connections between people, animals are different. But the connection between a person and a lion is out of imagination.

This story is about a lion and his guardian, who met a small lion about 10 years ago. He, as a provider of wild cats welfare, dedicated his life to giving proper shelter for more than one thousand cats. And when the turn was lion’s, he did not even hesitate. Frikkie, the owner, has lived all these years alone with this animal at his house.

Animal is not harmful to the environment people. The only thing that he hates is the sound of shoes, that is why the owner has learned to walk and play barefoot.

This is an unusual friendship, that lasts long and will go on forever.

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