12-year-old boy had no choice but to leave his puppy at the shelter

This boy was forced to leave his lovely puppy at the entrance of the shelter hoping that everything will be okay.

On the box, the boy left a touching note explaining the tough situation. This happened in the city of Michoacan when the staff members of the shelter in the morning arrived and noticed the box with a note.

They immediately pull the pit bull out and leave the baby inside. After reading the heartwrenching note, everything was clear.

The owner was a twelve-year-old boy, he mention in the note that he and his mother had to leave the baby as their father mistreated the pet. He was in danger,

The boy hoped that the shelter will take good care of him. Andres also puts a toy next to him so the puppy will not forget the boy and his family.

The touching story melted everyone’s heart, so the staff shared it on social media. Soon they named the puppy by the name of Rene and started to take care o of him. Finally, this poor dog will live in peace.

Hopefully, he will be adopted and will find his sweet home.

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