A depressed war veteran was about to end his life but the little black and white cat saved his life

There can be periods in life when you just want to give um. Something similar happened with a man named Josh who returned from war. All the stress and tough feelings resulted in mental post-traumatic illness.


The man was depressed and in a desperate situation as he couldn’t get over the terrible things he went through. ASo one day, he was about to end his life. He went to the porch to have his last cigarette.

It was raining hard as if pressuring him to end all of the horrors soon until suddenly w little wet cat touched his leg. As if there was a hint from above to not leave the world. So he bent down, took the kitten.

Josh thought that the little one was sent to save him and to be saved itself. It seemed like only this scat was aware of the horrors he was experiencing. According to him, he found hope in the little animal.

Later on, he took the cat and named it Scott.

But one time returning from work he called for Scott but he was disappeared. So another pain of loss swallowed him fully. However, very soon he started dating a girl named Becky. So one time the couple decided to visit a local animal shelter.

While walking along the caged with cats, a sudden cat touched him with a paw, and it turned out that it was the little one Scott, who once saved him from horrors and didn’t let him end his life.

Josh was happier than ever, he grabbed the baby tight with the intention to never let him go.

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