A hungry, damaged pit bull friend was rescued by the local sheriff

A hungry, damaged, and abandoned girl, and his pitbull friend, lay in Bloomington’s park, Indiana.

The dog in need ​​begged for help, and the happy people just passed by.

It took long until one stranger approached her. He immadiately called the local police, because the dog showed obvious marks of abuse.

Sheriff Ripley loved the doggy at first sight. The man decided to get the pitful dog to the shelter.

Unfortunately, it was closed!

He had no choice but to bring pit bull to his place. The beloved of Jeff just came home and, seeing the poor skinny dog, offered to keep her for the night.

But the baby behaved and felt so well with the other pets, that they decided to adopt her! The couple took the dog to the veterinary clinic.

They were determined to find the former owner, who knew that his pet recently got hit by a car, but instead of helping her, he left her outside.

The baby had to go through a long treatment…

The kind couple named her Daisy, she needed to be loved. And she finally got it!

In a few weeks, she wasn’t scared of sudden noises anymore, so he started to trust the new owners.

“ Every time when I leave for the job, Daisy goes to the window and looks at me, and always waits for me as a loyal friend…”, says Jeff.

Now Daisy receives lots of love all day long.

Luckily the poor dog found a family and trust in people!

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