A kind biker stopped traffic to save the scared kitten who was stuck in the road

When the small cat baby was appeared in the road, the cars were passing by only a starnger biker helped the frigthened kitten.

It was on the roads in Belgium, the touching scene was captured by the camera of the biker’s head.

But how come the little babyappeared to be in the road, maybe someone dumped her in the woods and left.

But a kind-hearted biker with the name of Leroy saw the ginger kitten during his trip. He stopped the bike and approached her, at that time, another car driver also stopped, they both ceased the traffic. Leroy picked her up to see if she had injuries or not.

She was in a good condition although she was a bit frightened. Even though Leroy wanted to take him home, he also had allergies to cats. So he gave the little one to the driver who agreed to help and take her to the nearest shelter.

There, she was named Silky.

Thanks to the driver and biker, Silky is safe and sound!

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