A kind police officer spends the night next to the lost puppy at the shelter to make sure he is doing okay

We all know what the policemen save numerous people, and the animal’s live is counted as well.

One morning, when the officer with the name of Kareem’s shift was about to finish, he discovered a lost and abandoned puppy during his patrol.

Obviously, he was lost and they couldn’t find his owner. The kind officer was so worried about the puppy’s condition, he decided to take it home to a local shelter to make sure he is safe.

After his shift, he had to spend another three hours to be sure that the puppy is in good condition.

While waiting for the examination, the officer and puppy were sleeping next to each other, as the officer was very as they were so exhausted. Everyone was impressed by the heroic act and kindness of this man. Once he got sure that the puppy was healthy and had no issues, he took him to the police station. Later on, the baby found someone who’d adopt him.

Thanks to the kindness and care of officer Kareem the abandoned puppy found a loving home.

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