A kitten with paralyzed paws was lucky enough to get into a caring family

Cat mother of a 3-week-old kitten left the baby with paralyzed legs in the yard of one of the houses.

But how did Harper end up being one of the happiest pets?

A little kitten was given the opportunity to live a full life in love and joy.

At 3 weeks of age, an abandoned kitten was discovered by the owners in the backyard of one of the private estates in Alaska. It turned out that the baby could not eat on its own.

An employee of the organization named Shannon took care of the unfortunate animal. Feeding strictly on time, constant monitoring of the pet’s condition eventually led to an improvement in the health of the ward, who was given the name Harper.

Three dogs, who also had a difficult fate, became assistants in such a difficult task to their owner. Cinder distinguished herself with a particularly reverent attitude towards the baby. She became the kitten’s best friend and caring mother. The tender relationship of the wards greatly pleased the owner.

And the problem with the movements of the pet of a friendly family is also solved to everyone’s pleasure. The special design on wheels helps Harper to live a full cat life and enjoy the activity.

Such actions once again prove that even from the most difficult situation there is always a way out. It would seem that an animal with no hope of salvation with the help of a person with a good heart suddenly finds a real family and true friends!

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