A little abused and exhausted puppy was so relieved to be finally rescued that he buries his face in rescuer’s arms

A little puppy who was also sick lived in a small garage behind an apartment.

The residents always throw the items right intothe garage and never noticed the inner inhabitant. And the doggie named Chowder was used to that kind of life, however, he always waited for an unexpected miracle.

One day, a kindhearted man noticed him. The man gave him water and food, and the doggie in turn trusted him easily.

He also called a rescue team to take care of the baby, and they happily accompanied him to the local shelter.

All the way back he was hugging the volunteer who was holding him. Looked like he thanked him for finally being rescued.

Once he was in the shelter, his eyes had been examined, and turned out it was an eye infection, so the vets started to work on his eyes to help him recover.

When Chowder was already recovered, he was immediately sent to a temporrayhouse.

After all that he had been through, Chowder is finally safe and surrounded with love and care. He is a well mannered and disciplined baby, he truly deserves to be happy.

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