A loyal dog waits at the door until her owner returns from the hospital

When a woman named Katie took her dog to her parents, she thought that would be temporary.

Even though Leia was an independent dog, she also enjoyed spending time with all the family members and loved each of them unconditionally.

What’s more surprising a strong bond appeared between Leia and her dad.

After the celebration of the wedding anniversary, the health condition of Katie’s father started to get worse. Doctors were afraid that it was cancer. Soon he was taken to hospital, where he had to stay for a while.

But Leia didn’t leave the entrance, she stayed at the door with sad eyes to welcome her “dad”.

After a while, Katie’s father finally was back and these two were finally together and happy.

Because Katie was often on the road, she decided to give Leia to her parents for a very long time. Besides, they got along very well and were fond of each other.

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