A man with the name Jim is fond of sleeping next to his loyal companions big bears

The photos were captured several years ago and attracted people’s attention.

When looking at the photos as if your heart melts. We can see the firm connection among humans and creatures. Jim was co-found of a shelter. His wife works with him. They help animals who are in need of that.

They rescued a big bear in 2015 who had injuries. Jim noticed that the bear was unique. It was affectionate and caring and was able to attract people’s attention. An inetersting connection formed.

It was loved by humans and mostly by Jim. Starting from that day he passes time with it and also feeds.

When being tired it is fond of sleeping at that very moment. They attached to one another and are real companions. They can even have a sleep in the same place like familiars.

If people can be terrified when being near a bear this is not that case. Jim on the contrary feels defended in the presence of it. They value one another.

It seems unbelievable that humans can be attached to bears. As they usually escape from humans. From the photos it is actual that they are a caring and cute family.

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