A pizza shop helped local shelter by putting photos of the shelter dogs on pizza boxes to help them get adopted

Probably everyone heard that the way to the heart is through the stomach, and indeed, it makes sense.

The staff of the Niagara’s shelter decided to use a trick. This shelter initially partnered with the Just Pizza & Wing Co franchise to boost an advertising campaign for animals who are looking for a home. In another way, who could eat happily when a dog is somewhere in need of a caring owner?

The management of the company agreed to print ads for dogs painted on pizza boxes, they also got a volunteer who decides to take a dog a $ 50 coupon to buy pizza. This mindful idea was born in the head of the pizzeria’s owner, her name was Mary Alloy. She once adopted a cat from a shelter and was saddened to learn that so many animals are in need of a forever home.


So after all, we advertise nails, alcohol, gadgets, why not animals?

So the rescue service for animals selected candidates for advertising, those who were waiting for so long, were printed first!

In a very short time, the owners have been found for two dogs.

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