A really unbelievable and extraordinary story about a bear and a wolf

Nature continues to astonish and surprise us with rare and unexpected events. Some of them may be repeatable, but there exist such events, which are out of our imagination.

Before this, we have known stories about different types of animals, for example how the dog rescued the cat, how the bear tried to taste the cookies, or how the cat saved the baby’s life. This type of stories are wildly spread on the internet.

But this one will definitely astonish you. This is a story of how a strong a frightening bear became a close friend with a lonely wolf.

A photographer Lassi, who was from Finland, took seemingly unbelievable pictures of how the bear played and walked with a beauty looking wolf.

This couple spent about 8 hours together for more than ten days. They shared food and water together, and perhaps they were both alone.

Who knows, maybe the brown male bear fell in love with the grey female wolf, and maybe it was the reason that these two lonely and from different breeds animals decided to spend their future life together.

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